The Patriot RDA from the USA

Patriot RDA

With as many products that come out of China into the vaping world, its nice to see a company in the USA making a very solid RBA that’s competitive in the market. The Patriot RDA is made by Innovape. Its an outstandingly, solid rebuildable dripping atomizer. While probably not the craziest design, its a very solid and conventional 3 pole design with a nice looking brushed stainless steel cap.

Version 1.2 is out now. This new version features a cap that fits flush against the base. Also new is a slightly taller chamber. And as a wonderful bonus, the new version features customizable drill holes for the perfect airflow.

It would be nice to see a refinement of this design – namely actual airflow control. It would also be nice to see a smaller chamber and a more conical design. However when you consider the price point, this is a solid RDA that has been a classic on the market for the past few years.

And finally, you should consider the price point. This RDA is affordable so you can support a USA company on the vape market without having to try your luck on a clone version.

For more information – check out the review below:

Call To Action – FDA Proposed Vaping Regulation

Folks – the time is now. The FDA in the US is now proposing very harsh restrictions on E Cigarettes. Basically among many restrictions, the FDA is proposing that every e cig product be registered with a fee. This is vague, but seems to include hardware, flavors of juice, even parts. This makes no sense really as what do you do about batteries? They’re not a vaping product per se… you can see this is going to be a mess.

And you don’t think big tobacco and their lobbyists have a hand in this?

The time to come together is now. There’s nothing we can act on at the moment. CASAA – the consumer rights activist organization around vaping has asked for more time for the proposed restrictions. This doesn’t look good for us – we will be honest. But we need to come together as a unified voice and be a part of the discussion. If you want to continue to have access to vape gear like we’ve got now – join in. If you want big tobacco to come take over then sit there and do nothing.

CASAA has posted their second call to action. You can read more here:

The New iTaste VTR

The latest offering from Innokin proves once again why they are the leader in VV/VW Mods in the vapor business. The iTaste VTR box mod is probably one of the highest quality and most wonderfully built mods in this category on the market today. Innokin have a reputation for building innovative and useful products of a very high quality and the iTaste VTR is no different.

The iTaste VTR is an amazing balance of form and function. This thing is built like a tank! It takes the best features of the iTaste MVP box mod and takes them a step further. First off, the VTR accepts an 18650 battery. So not only can you change these when needed, but the mod won’t suddenly go dead one day when the fixed battery decides to wear out. This is well thought out.

itaste vtr box mod

Also its important to point out that the iTaste VTR can handle sub-ohm vaping if you want. That’s right! The specs say it will go down to 0.7 ohms, but I’ve heard claims of vapers going clear down to 0.5 ohms. If this is correct, this makes me think that there is some kind of battery recognition in the electronics. This is amazing and we need more of these kinds of “smart mods” in the market.

Check out this wonderfully extensive review as it goes into some great detail and offers some more insight into this wonderful new box mod.

The Clapton Coil

Okay folks, you want to see something wild? This, my friends, is the Clapton coil. Yep that’s right – named right after the famous guitar player Eric Clapton, this coil is one of the craziest things I’ve seen anyone do to their RDA, RBA.

So you’re basically going to wrap your coils around a guitar string. Remove the guitar string and voila – you have a ton of hot metal that pretty much looks like it came off a guitar. Amazing.

Check out Riptrippers on YouTube as he shows you how to build one of these for yourself!